Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7 Dangerous Goods When Dumped In Toilet

1. Baby Diaper Disposing of diapers will not only make you a clogged drain, but he could jeopardize the entire sewer around you. In addition, the materials that make up a baby's diaper can not decompose easily in the toilet drain. Eventually it will accumulate and just being the stopper.

2. Condoms Who throw condoms in the toilet? You need to know that condoms made of latex that would be toxic to water and plants. 3. Cotton It seems trivial, but this cotton when collected into one will make the drain is clogged and difficult to overcome. Even the need to manually remove it first from the drains to help prevent clogging.

 4. Expired Drugs Though already expired, the good drugs are not carelessly discarded into the toilet. He will melt in there, dissolved in water and then into the water catchment. The effects of the chemicals will not be lost.

 5. Cigarette butts Not only disgusting, but cigarette butts are full of toxins that are harmful to the body. Just like drugs, chemicals can poison water and pollute water catchment catchment.

 6. Oil Any oil that should not be disposed of in the toilet, especially edible oils consumables. In a certain temperature they will seem like a liquid, but you'll never know how they then freeze and clog the drain pipe.

7. Manure It seems like no big deal also right when throwing dung there. But you must realize that the bacteria contained in it can stay in the toilet and infect humans if they are not cleaned up. Well, that's 7 Dangerous Goods When Dumped On Toilet. still interested in making your toilet as a trash can? You should change your bad habits throwing garbage in the toilets to prevent other problems.

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