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8 Benefits, Benefits Betel Leaf For Health + how to process

Plants that have a Latin name Piper betle, maybe it's not foreign to our ears and fairly easy to find because of its spread almost evenly across the various regions in Indonesia.

Betel is a kind of vines from Piperaceae family whose leaves are often used for medicinal nosebleeds, eye drops, and other traditional medicines. Betel is referred to in this post is a general or betel leaves are green. For other purposes can be seen in the previous post [Red betel]. For the people of Riau Islands, ceremonial betel nut is a culture that is highly valued, especially during a ceremony welcoming guests. In addition, it is also used as the manufacture of drugs of various diseases.

The names of Betel
As in previous postings. To further add to our vocabulary, here we include the names or designations betel in various provinces in the region Indonenia.
  • Sumatra: Ranub (Aceh) Citronella (Gayo) Belo (Batak) Burangir (Mandailaing) Ao (Nias) Chili (Mentawai) Siho (Kerinci) Sirih (Palembang) Sirieti (Minangkabau) Cambai (Lampung) FurukLJwe (Enggano)
  • Java: seureuh (Sunda) Tell (Central Java)
  • Bali: Base 
  • Nusa Tenggara: Leko (Sasak) Nahi (Bima) herons (Sumba) Wheezing (Ende) Shame (Solor) Maio (Alor)
  • Sulawesi: Doniile (Gorontalo) Parigi (Toli-Toli) Gamnjeng (Makassar) 
  • Maluku: Gies (Halmahera) Bido (Ternate)

Benefits and How to Treat Sirih
In this section will explain the various benefits, efficacy of betel leaf complete with guidelines for how to process them into traditional medicines derived from pages extracted from various books about health, especially of medicinal plants.
Among the benefits of betel leaf, namely: eliminate body odor, treat nosebleeds, sore, red eyes / itching, sores, acne, bad breath, and strengthen the teeth. Here's a guide to process them:
Eliminate body odor. 5 Wash fresh betel leaves. Furthermore, boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. Afterwards, drink a potion during the day.
Stop nosebleeds. Wash the young betel leaf, bend two, rolls, and enter into a bloody nose, until the blood stops flowing. In the event of a nosebleed, try to keep the patient still sitting upright, nosebleeds is intended that the blood does not flow back into the nasal cavity.
Treat sores or hives. Prepare 20 pieces of betel leaf old. Furthermore, boiled with 3-4 glasses of water. After that, use boiled water betel leaves are still warm to wash the affected part or itchy sores. Cleanser itchy or red eyes. Boil 5-6 betel leaves are still young with a glass of water, wait until boiling. Furthermore, cool potions and use this to wash the eyes three times a day.
Treating thrush / sprue. Clean 1-2 betel leaves, and then chew until creamed and let sit in the mouth precisely in a place exposed to thrush.

Eliminate bad breath. Boil taste of betel leaves and use boiled water to rinse. Reduce acne. Rinse face with boiled water betel leaves. Strengthen teeth that are not easily dated. Chewing betel nut and betel leaf with lime.

Health Effects Daun Sirih As we all know, the old men of old could even be said until now, using betel mixed with betel nut, gambier, lime, and of chewing tobacco directly or as often as we call it by chewing, nyirih. Although allegedly able to strengthen and prevent cavities because of its antiseptic properties contained in the betel leaves. Unfortunately, according to some studies, chewing betel can cause cancer of the mouth, gum shrinkage chalk made to make tooth loss.

For pregnant women, it is not recommended for chewing. Researchers from Taiwan, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea reported that pregnant women who chew betel during pregnancy be bad for the baby. The effects of betel and areca equated with pregnant women who consume alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy. Among the ill effects that the baby's weight at birth is low, the length is reduced and some other adverse effects.

More details about the health effects of the above explanation can be read directly through the page or


That earlier article about the health benefits of Betel Leaves can we describe. Thank you for visiting and reading various tips and Health on this blog. See you again my friend!

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