Monday, January 16, 2017

Benefits of Orgasm

Orgasm is considered the pinnacle of achievement pleasure sex and sign climax in dealing intim.Namun you know that orgasm has benefits for kesehatan.Hal is evidenced by various surveys that have been done by the observer of this case.

Here are some benefits for health Orgasm:

1. Improve Mood
If you're in the mood is not good, Orgasm can be a powerful moment to eliminate it. During orgasm, the body releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin which serves to produce a good mood. The hormone dopamine is also released the body when taking cocaine or a good meal.

2. Maintain Brain Health
Health experts say that Barry Komisaruk, orgasm pumping of oxygen to the brain. This is evidenced by the results of MRI scans that show the oxygen levels in the higher brain during orgasm compared to normal conditions. 

3. Eliminate Stress
Orgasm can eliminate stress, because the brain will get time to rest. While more stress, a person usually think about many things at once so that stress is increasing. However, during intercourse, the brain just concentrate on one thing only, namely live sexual pleasure.

4. Smooth Circulatory
Based on the narrative of Dr. Jennifer Berman, co-founder of Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, orgasm can increase blood circulation. Orgasm also improve blood circulation to the genital area and maintain the condition of the cells in it.

5. Healthy Heart
Sex is not a sport activity, but it can produce the same benefits as exercise. Especially at the moment of orgasm, in which the heart's activity will be as active when doing sports movement. Increased heart rate, increased blood flow, and breathing faster and faster, the three processes that occur during orgasm, which was also experienced during exercise.

6. Sleep more soundly
Most people fall asleep after sex intim.Mungkin lelep following survey results could be the answer, why this is so. A survey involving 1,800 proved over 30% of respondents admitted to using sex as the most natural sleep aid. Feelings of relief and calm produced during orgasm make you sleep more soundly.

7. Skin Lightening
You may believe it or not, the orgasm has the same efficacy with body lotion or beauty products lain.Yaitu it is useful to brighten the skin. The hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) will increase during sex has reached a climax. And this hormone was efficacious for maintaining healthy skin.

Unfortunately, however, to have an orgasm is sometimes not an easy affair for every orang.beberapa couples there who have problems with sexual life mereka.Baca Also -> Best Sex positions for women, premature ejaculation Drugs, How to overcome sexual disorders in men

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