Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Drinks that can degrade the quality of sperm

Drinks can decrease sperm quality and make a bad impact on health according to the following experts feasible for you kurangi.Jadi types of drinks should be consumed not berlebihan.Padahal, for some men in particular, the most popular drink these beverages.
The following drinks may be bad for health, can reduce male fertility at the same time if consumed in excess.

Alcoholic beverages
Drinks that can degrade the quality of sperm Alcoholic drinks are not good for health, especially on the soft tissues of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal, and even the risk of liver damage (liver). Besides alcohol can also impair sexual health, which cause abnormalities in sperm structure and can decrease sperm count. As said by a scientist, ria who consume alcoholic drinks 3-6 times a week at risk of liver damage (liver) .In addition have a lower sperm count than men who did not consume alcoholic beverages.

Soft drink
Carbonated drinks can lead to health problems such as digestive disorders, tooth decay, diabetes and disorders of the kidneys. And it turns out soft drinks may also affect male fertility. According to a study, a decrease in sperm production caused by bisphenol ingredients contained in plastic bottles / cans soda.Jadi important, do not excessively consume.

Mint tea
Some experts argue that the mint tea have a less favorable impact on health seksual.Padahal, on the other hand believed the tea is very good for health. The mint tea is thought to affect hormonal changes and decreased testosterone levels in men. Mint tea can also affect sex hormones (androgens) in men. Androgens are male sex hormones that promote the development and maintenance of male sex characteristics, including in producing testosterone for male fertility.

Coffee actually has many benefits kesehatan.Mengonsumsi coffee that also can harm health if consumed in excess. According to various studies, the consumption of coffee a few hours before sex to increase libido in men. In another study, coffee can lower sperm count if taken berlebihan.Hal is because the influence of phytoestrogens, ie substances that are relatively high in coffee. Phytoestrogens are claimed to reduce sperm production in men, because it is against sex hormones in healthy men.

Indeed, all it does bagus.Tapi excessive if the excess money, what good does not it? ,,, If you really care about fertility problems, should be reduced drink listed above.

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