Friday, January 13, 2017

Fart is healthy

Flatulence , flatulence is healthy - ethical reason to talk about this one is still a taboo in society , as well as when talking about sex . Though taboo , both of which favor the grace of the Almighty luarbasa and should disyukuri.Kalau want to flatulence should not be detained for the sake of health , but how to adjust to the ethical berlaku.Mau favors sexual intercourse , also do not hold because it is healthy , but the marriage was yes ? ...

Flatulence , flatulence is a natural process that is beneficial to health , and from a scientific standpoint is very important to become our common understanding .
What causes people fart ? ,,,,
Flatulence is a natural process that occurs due to excessive gas buildup in our body . The gas comes from several sources , such as the air we breathe , the reaction of the chemical processes in the gut , and from bacteria that live in the intestines .

How the Body Produce Gas ? The exit gas when the exhaust air is composed of various contents vary. Most come from the air we breathe ( oxygen ) , which is absorbed by the body before it goes into the intestine . At the time of the entry of air into the colon , the left is nitrogen . Fart is healthy

The chemical reaction that occurs between the acid in the stomach and intestinal fluids will produce carbon dioxide , which is also a product of the bacteria living in the gut . In addition to generating carbon dioxide , bacteria also produce hydrogen and methane . But how much gas we exhale are also influenced by several other factors such as what we eat , how much air we breathe , and what type of bacteria that live in our intestines.

Do Restraining Remove Wind Cause Disease? Someone who hold to dispose of the wind will feel some complaints were discomfort from gas in the body of enhancing and widening of the bowel becomes twisted. Remove wind that can cause a person detained is difficult to defecate.

In addition, retention of gas in the intestines will cause the pressure in the cavity of the intestine. In fact, this pressure will be higher than the partial pressure in the blood. As a result, the gas will enter into the blood vessels that were in the intestinal wall, then circulate throughout the body.

From a medical standpoint, flatulence indicates good intestinal activity. Someone who had undergone surgery, especially surgery who related organs in the abdomen, it is necessary to wait until the person concerned can dispose of the wind before he is allowed to eat and drink. In medicine, flatulence could be an indication that the function of the intestines and digestive organs of patients have normal function postoperatively.

How often we have to Remove Wind? 750 ml of gas per day, or about 14 times the activity of flatulence is the average number of normal happens to everyone. If it is less or more than this amount could be you experiencing problems with gastrointestinal (digestive organs).

Given the gas discharge process of the body is a natural process that can not be prevented, then that needs attention is on ethics in extracting gas from our bodies. Flatus is important but you should remove it in the appropriate place and not disturb those around you. (Source: id.she.yahoocom)

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