Sunday, January 15, 2017

Love for health benefits

Why Love Good for Your Health? .. Marriage and relationships will support the long-term health, but men and women do not receive the same benefits.

Is marriage good for your health? In general, studies have indicated "yes". Married people will live longer, because they have better access to health care, to enjoy sex life more satisfying, a little bit of stress, living a healthy lifestyle, and have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and depression compared with their colleagues who are single.

But men and women do not get the same benefits with one another. Sex life allows increased more for a woman after marriage, for example, a woman's risk for depression tends to decrease more than her partner if the long-term relationship (married).
Women and men can reap some health benefits only if they are living together, or even to be in a stable long-term relationship ,.

Marriage offers major health benefits:
A longer life. Compared with their peers are not married, married people have an average life span longer and is dramatically less likely to die at an early age.
The relationship between marriage and longevity is much stronger among husbands from wives, however. A 2007 study that looked at death rates among Europeans aged over the age of 40 found that mortality rate was twice as high in men are unmarried than married men. Differences in mortality rates is much simpler between unmarried women and was married.
Marriage is very good in warding off fatal accidents, violence, and can ward off the disaster that is more common in young people, said Michael Murphy, PhD, a professor of demography at the London School of Economics and author since 2007. Men seem to benefit life expectancy is more than a marriage than women.

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