Saturday, January 14, 2017

Recognize Symptoms of TB in Children

 Tuberculosis or commonly abbreviated as TB is a disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosae. These bacteria will infect the respiratory organs, especially the lungs. But TB is not only infect any organ and respiratory tract. The skin and the lining of the brain or myelin also be infected by these bacteria. Tuberculosis attack humans, regardless of sex or age. Ranging from infants to the elderly susceptible to this disease. As for the signs of TB in children is not difficult to identify. For that let us recognize the symptoms of TB in children.

The most common symptoms are fever that inevitably arise. Fever is a sign of the incubation period of the bacillus that causes tuberculosis. Fever that arise are generally not very high, so sometimes mistaken for just a normal influenza fever. Other symptoms that may arise is the reduction in the child's appetite. Even in some cases the child will not eat at all. Children also experienced a drastic weight loss. Disorders of the nutrient in almost all cases of child TB. It is closely linked with lower child's appetite.

As parents, should readily recognize the symptoms of TB in children is because there are a few parents think their children have no appetite and did not find out the cause. Another condition is a symptom of the child limp body has no power or strength, seems always tired and listless, slow in activity and impressed shut down.

Symptoms are fairly typical for a child identified in the case of TB is a chronic and recurrent stones. Cough with long duration it does not remove phlegm and is a symptom of asthma attacks. Furthermore, recurrent diarrhea occurs in children also is one sign that the child is exposed to tuberculosis.

However, to further ascertain whether children exposed to TB or other diseases is to conduct laboratory tests. But still need to recognize the symptoms of TB in children to do the following in anticipation of handling appropriately to the disease suffered by children. And most of all do not forget to do the BCG which is one way to prevent infection with tuberculosis bacteria.

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