Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sih tasty, but watch out! Foods Causing Whitish

As a woman, of course, we've had the name whiteness. What is the whiteness that? Quoted from page, whitish or Flour Albus is a problem that occurs in the female sex organs. Whitish is vaginal secretions where it often occurs before or after menstruation or it could be the fertile period. Whitish itself caused by the presence of bacteria, viruses and some things like the condition of the body is tired, stressed, dirty underwear, or for food.
Regarding the food, at least there was some kind of delicious foods that can trigger turns whitish. What are these foods? Check out his review below.

1. goody
The first food that can cause vaginal discharge is said to be sweet foods or foods that contain a lot of sugar. When the body gets a lot of sugar intake or excessive, it will lead to the growth of the fungus Candida albicans. This fungus which can later cause vaginal discharge and other issues sex organs. So, in order to avoid the problem of vaginal discharge, make sure not too much consumption of sweet foods or drinks that contain sugar.

2.Food Containing Yeast
The next food that can cause vaginal discharge are foods that contain yeast or fermented foods. Experts believe that foods containing yeast and fermented like tape, cheese, pasta and mushrooms will make you experience vaginal discharge that is getting worse.

3.Dried fruit that
The third food that can cause vaginal discharge is a fruit that is dried. Why dried fruits can cause vaginal discharge? Because, dried fruit will contain more sugars. Not only that. Dried fruit also contains fructose vulnerable where it can make a fungus or bacteria in the sex organs develop rapidly. When bacteria and fungus to grow and develop rapidly, does not rule out the possibility that this will cause vaginal discharge.

4.Fried With Spicy Seasoning
The next food that can cause vaginal discharge is fried or greasy foods more seasoned spicy. Because the flour used in fried foods contain a lot of carbohydrates as this will increase the sugar levels in the body and cause vaginal discharge. Not to mention, if fried food is combined with spicy seasoning. This would make the bacteria and fungi that cause vaginal discharge can develop and grow very fast. That's some kind of foods that are believed to cause vaginal discharge. If you do not want to discharge happen to you, be sure to maintain a diet and multiply eating vegetables and healthy fruit. Be sure also to keep the sex organs, clothes and did enough rest and exercise. Hopefully this information is helpful.

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