Sunday, January 22, 2017

The natural way to heal broken heel rupture

The natural way to heal broken heel rupture following can be used as a safer alternative way without side effects. The heel broke broke apart makes legs feel uncomfortable and even in a worse condition can cause a feeling sakit.Selain it with a heel rupture rupture can cause a crisis of confidence in appearance if you want to wear footwear that is open. If the drug problem is actually no less if one wants to buy diapotik or drug store, but if there is a natural way that is safer and cheaper why do not we coba.Atau perhaps a drug that you use does not show the maximum results, following its natural recipe.
Its main ingredient is the pecan pieces of black, if you are a hobby cook or housewife may be familiar with black pecan ini.Biasanya is used to spice supplement your dapur. If not find, try to look for it in traditional markets.

he way to cure a broken heel rupture:

1.Take a hazelnut seed black (instead of white hazelnut).
2.Then the pecan grilled until completely charred.
3.Once charred, charred hazelnut fetch the still hot by using a protective hand.
4.Then rub while still hot on the foot / heel broke up the charcoal stick on broken legs.
5.Rub repeatedly until he came out of the hazelnut oil.
6.After flattening, let stand about 15 minutes, until absorbed into the fractional portion of the foot.
7.And feel the coolness you will experience on the broken part of your foot.

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