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The natural way to prevent osteoporosis

The natural way to prevent osteoporosis
Disorders known as osteoporosis or bone loss commonly experienced post-menopausal women, due to declining hormone levels estrogen.Hal like this are caused by natural processes, but actually you can anticipate. In anticipation of osteoporosis usually doctors will recommend for suli hormone therapy as a natural hormone replacement dwindling. However, the use of natural materials is an alternative that is more preferable, in addition to cheaper also relatively safe with no effect samping.Salah one of his natural way is regularly consume soy beans or dairy. A study in the prevention of osteoporosis has found natural materials which also shows the results mencengangkan.Bahan commonly known to the public as a leaf Gedi.

An experiment using female rats that have been in the adoptive parent telornya. Mice were subsequently given gedi leaves as a food mixture, in varying doses for a certain time. The result was no improvement in bone density, so that it can be concluded that the loss can be controlled. Increased bone density also proved comparable to the increase leaves gedi dose given.

Is gedi leaves it?
Gedi plant Abelmoschus manihot scientific name is derived from the family Malvaceae species, ie species similar to hibiscus plants. This plant originally came from mainland China, which then spread to India and other countries in Asia. Can reach 1.2 to 1.8 meters, and if the old tree will be hairy. Green leaves with similar shapes such as fingers and cassava leaves. Bright yellow flowers are white, with a shape similar to the hibiscus flower.

Gedi leaf is indeed hard to find if you live in Java, and can be easily found on the island of Sulawesi in particular manado.Umumnya gedi leaves are used to add piquancy to the dish.

 Another benefit gedi leaves aside as a natural way to prevent osteoporosis
Another benefit gedi leaf turns is pretty much that to overcome the fever, pain and swelling of rheumatoid disorders, hemorrhoids and abscesses. The research results show that the compound class of polyphenols and flavonoids in it can resolve the complaint.
Other studies have also shown that the leaves can also be Overcome gedi seizure disorder and depression. In the leaves there gedi alcohol content, the results of research in the know that this material extract can prevent the death of the mice due to a seizure. These results reinforce the use of flower extracts gedi for seizures due to epilepsy, as an antidepressant and neuroprotective brain. Through further examination of the brain of mice, here encountered eight active flavonoid compounds. Because kandunga flavonoids that, gedi flower extract is widely used to treat diabetes and kidney disorders.

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